Back from Holidays

Submitted by Andrew Wasson on Thu, 02/09/2012 - 9:50pm

Well I'm back from 2-weeks off on holidays and I'm getting back to work on the processor (and this website). If you've been here prior to Jan 25th when I left you should see a massive improvement to the site. I've added a nice graphical treatment to the site via the "Tarski" theme and I've gone through cleaning up some of the content and added a few more links.

On the CPU front, I've been tackling Eagle (light) software and documenting the schematic diagrams. I've put up the 555 clock diagram and I've started the program counter but it's a bit of a mess still so I think I'll redo it so it's at least legible before I export it and upload it to the site.

Next on the construction front, I'll be modding my RAM board to make it easier on the eyes. It won't make it perform any better but I just hate the way it looks with all of the ribbon cables zig-zagging all over the place. I should be able to get that done within an hour or so and then I'm moving on to the front panel so I can start writting program code into the machine. I'll have add a Run/Load mode switch and might end up putting in a tristate buffer between the Ram out and the instruction bus to make it easier to design the mode circuitry.

More to come as I make more progress...

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